Saturday, May 17, 2008

Whirlpool Brickstitch Beading Pattern

This diamond-shaped abstract whirlpool pattern makes an unforgettable pendant or it can be stitched to a pin back to make a brooch. If you run a thread around the outer edge you can pull the diamond into a three-dimensional domed form.

Skill Level
Beginner through Intermediate

Time Required
hours - possible to complete in a weekend

60 beads tall; 30 beads wide
1-3/4" x 3" using Delicas


Thread: I used gray Nymo D.

Beading Needles: I used size 10s.

Thread Conditioner: Thread Heaven or beeswax, optional.

Scissors or Snippers: I used my wire flush cutters.

Beads: You can work this design with any beads, but keep in mind the finished dimensions will change. I worked the example using Delicas. The first color is the one shown in my pattern, followed by the Delica I used. If I saw another color that would also have worked well, that is listed next:

Delica DB167 Rainbow Opaque Power Blue or DB165 Rainbow Opaque Royal Blue

Light Green:
DB166 Rainbow Opaque Kelly Green

Sky Blue:
DB164 Rainbow Opaque Turquoise

Pink/Light Purple:
DB56H Inside Color Cranberry AB Hex or DB158 Rainbow Opaque Lavender Cream

Dark Green:
DB918H Inside Color Turquoise Hex or DB112 Sea Blue Luster

Start with the widest row using ladder stitch or whatever your personal preference is for starting brick stitck. Work one half of the pattern, then the other. I replaced the top and bottom blue beads with 4-mm blue crystals and ran a coated beading wire through the outside beads to add stability to the design and to use it as the focal point of a pearl necklace. If you use Matsunos or Czech beads instead of Delicas, your diamond will be somewhat shorter and wider.

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