Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chinese Dragon - Free Beading Pattern

This pattern for the loom or square stitch makes a 200x150 (30,000) bead panel, which could be used for a purse or a wall hanging. To use the pattern, right-click on the image and save or print the pattern, enlarged (200% or 400%) so that you can see the invidivual pixels (beads). I didn't list bead colors because the beads you use are going to be determined by what you have on hand. You'll want to condense the colors, I'm sure. I recommend using primarily opaque beads for this project. If you bead it, by all means please send me a photo of your finished project. It's my favorite Chinese or Eastern dragon, but I never seem to have a few shades of pink and several of pale aqua needed to complete it. The original dragon was a jpg file someone sent me that I played with in an image processor. If you recognize this dragon (it's changed quite a lot, but still...), please send me information about its origin. I'd very much like to credit the artist. Enjoy!
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