Monday, May 19, 2008

Gold Jewelry Care Tips

Gold jewelry is beautiful and popular. Gold comes in many styles and colors, but all gold jewelry will benefit from some tender, loving care!

Care Tips for All Gold Jewelry
  • Don't wear your gold jewelry while bathing or cleaning. Soap won't harm gold, but it will leave a filmy residue that will coat karat gold jewelry, causing it to appear less lustrous and dingy. If you prevent the film from forming, it will be easier to keep your jewelry beautiful and will reduce cleaning time and effort.

  • Avoid chlorine! Don't wear gold jewelry in the pool or hot tub or when using chlorine bleach or cleaners. Chlorine reacts with gold, particularly at high temperatures. Exposure to chlorine can permanently damage and discolor your gold jewelry.

  • Use a chamois cloth to clean gold jewelry. A chamois cloth is a gentle, safe material for returning the luster to your jewelry.

  • Avoid storing or otherwise exposing gold jewelry to hard, abrasive materials. Gold is a very soft metal, easily scratched even by rubbing against other jewelry.
Special Cleaning Tips for Gold Jewelry - Without Gemstones

If your gold jewelry has gemstones, consult a jeweler for cleaning recommendations. Gemstones have special care requirements. The stones or settings may be damaged by the cleaning methods listed below.
  • Tarnish can be removed with a commercial jewelry cleaner or with soap and water with a few drops of ammonia. Brush the cleaning solution into the gold with a small brush (a toothbrush works well). After you have finished cleaning, simply rinse the gold with lukewarm water and allow it to dry.

  • Grease can be removed from gold by dipping it into ordinary rubbing alcohol.

  • Ultrasonic cleaners may be appropriate for some gold jewelry. Ask a jeweler to advise you before using this method, since certain pieces can be damaged by this cleaning method.

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