Monday, June 23, 2008

Ladder Technique for Beadwork

Single Needle Method

String the first bead, leaving a 4-inch tail. Add a second bead and pass through the first bead, from botton to top. Pass through the second bead now, from top to bottom. String on a third bead (this is bottom-to-top), and pass back through the second bead (top to bottom). Continue this pattern, making certain thread tension is even so the chain doesn't start to bend or twist.

Double Needle Method

Alternatively, you can use two needles to make a beaded ladder. Some people find the double needle method works up more quickly and results in a ladder with more even thread tension. For this method, enter the first bead from the top with one needle and the bottom with the other needle. Leave a 4-inch tail with both threads. Continue the chain by crossing the threads through a new bead, pull the chain snug, and cross through a new bead.

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